M86 is a concept based upon the destination of our product and where this product will live and thrive. The "M" represents the [machines] that these products will service. The word 'machine' can represent anything from an au-tomobile, the mechanics of a persons home, to a singular artistic idea - the mechanics of the human creative process.

The numerical part of the branding comes from the International Year of Peace (1986), designated by the UN.

The relevance of these two elements combined communicate the idea of a 'peace with machines', a harmony between humans and the technology that surrounds us. With all of these elements, M86 represents a new industrial product concept for the new generation of enthusiasts and consumers.

Southern California based M86  is a business that focuses on brand incubation, developing creative communication, product design, and social marketing strategies. Authenticity and creative vision, combined with over 17 years of industry experience. Expanding our creative reach from high fashion, creative consultation, culinary concepts to chemical lifestyle.

M86 engages in a wide portfolio of projects with an emphasis on creative direction and branding, product design, private label, and trade, as well as sales services and brick & mortar businesses. Many of these projects are collaborative efforts with specialists that share the M86CHEM view of brand building, aesthetics, and lifestyle.

M86 has become a desired partner to many top brands globally for creative direction and branding. Our clients include, but are not limited to; Mitsubishi Urban Development, Globe, Forever 21, COLONY 2139, LDH and 2145 Pizzeria.

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